Gavin Rowland


3 September, 2020

Psychiatry has long been troubled by a lack of similarity to the other medical disciplines. Medical conditions usually exist as specific disorders with specific pathologies, diagnostic tests and treatments, whereas psychiatry is, in comparison, an overlapping mess. Some progress has been made through the DSM criteria and the establishment of three broad spectra of disorders….

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Mind Beyond Matter by Dr Gavin Rowland

8 September, 2015

In Mind Beyond Matter, Dr Gavin Rowland tackles perhaps the greatest scientific mystery of all—the problem of consciousness. He analyses the subject in depth and finds convincing evidence that the mind is a non-material thing. In the process, he develops a new science of the non-material, and a new understanding of the mind, of mental…

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Mind Beyond Matter launched

1 August, 2015

Mind Beyond Matter launched On Friday the 21st of August Mind Beyond Matter was launched at the Old Castlemaine Gaol. Invited guests listened to speeches from Dr Rowland, Dr Louisa Hope and clinical psychologist Dr Annie Thomas. A conversation between Gavin Rowland and radio host Jacqui Chaplin (65mins): A paper published in the Journal…

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