Gavin Rowland

Further reading

Here is a list of recommended further reading, for those who are interested.

On the ongoing failures and crisis in theoretical physics:

Lee Smolin’s The Trouble With Physics (2006); Jim Baggott’s Farewell to Reality (2013); Sabine Hossenfelder’s Lost in Math (2018)

On science and the nature of scientific revolutions:

Michael Streven’s The Knowledge Machine (2021)

An overview of consciousness studies:

David Chalmer’s The Character of Consciousness (2010)

Other good physics books:

Werner Heisenberg’s Physics and Philosophy (1958); Richard Feynman’s QED (1985); Paul Davies’ The Goldilocks Enigma (2006); Richard Muller’s Now: The Physics of Time (2016); Nick Herbert’s Quantum Reality (1985)

If you feel you have taken on board the whole of my theory and would now like to look back on humanity’s struggle to understand the self and the soul:

William James’ The Varieties of Religious Experience: A Study in Human Nature (1902); John Passmore’s The Perfectibility of Man (1969); Harold Coward’s The Perfectibility of Human Nature in Eastern and Western Thought (2008)