Gavin Rowland

FQXI essay

13 August, 2023

I recently entered the 2023 FQXI Essay Contest “How could science be different/better?” FQXI is set up to cater for the academic community, and if you are small fry like myself it generally means they don’t read past your Bio. But what the essay did allow me to do was to put together my own up to date assessment of what theoretical physics is doing wrong, particularly in terms of understanding the nature of dark energy and the Hubble tension. The theoretical physicists in this area are spamming unnecessarily mathematical models that don’t look at all promising because they –

a) Attempt to solve one unexplained parameter or phenomenon at a time

b) Don’t provide any unifications

c) Add several new unexplained parameters or phenomena in the process and

d) Are hidden behind the curtain of the cosmic background radiation and so are difficult to falsify.

I highlight these problems and attempt to provide guidelines for better fundamental scientific theories, then put forward my own theory of two dark energies separated by inflation. My essay is titled “Let Clues be Clues: On building better fundamental theories.” and you can read it here: