Gavin Rowland

Mind Beyond Matter launched

1 August, 2015

Mind Beyond Matter launched

On Friday the 21st of August Mind Beyond Matter was launched at the Old Castlemaine Gaol. Invited guests listened to speeches from Dr Rowland, Dr Louisa Hope and clinical psychologist Dr Annie Thomas.

A conversation between Gavin Rowland and radio host Jacqui Chaplin (65mins):

A paper published in the Journal of Consciousness Exploration and Research Oct 2016: Look under “Table of Contents”

A presentation of the basic physics at the 2016 Science of Consciousness conference, Tucson, Arizona (7mins):

Essay titled “From Nothingness to Value Ethics”, entered in the 2016-17 FQXI institute essay contest “Wandering Towards A Goal – How do mindless mathematical laws give rise to aims and intention?”